Morrisonville School District Emergency Closing Information


Extreme weather conditions may cause the delay, cancellation, or early dismissal of school. The students' and school district employees' health and safety will be utmost concern in the Superintendent's decision. Our school District will use School Reach Instant Parent Contact to notify parents of school closings and emergency situations. For this reason it is vital that all parent contact numbers are kept current through the office. Also, Information relating to emergency day schedules will be provided to:

WTIM 97.3 FM




Parents may consider establishing prior arrangements in the likely event of emergency dismissals.

The School Reach system provides automatic calls and call logging. The system will be utilized in any emergency (including snow day cancellations) to assist in getting information to parents. Your caller ID will show the Elementary School number. Please DO NOT call this number back unless you have a true emergency. The system has been used for several announcements to assure contact information is correct, if you have never received a call via the system, please contact the office to correct your phone.