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Illinois School Violence Tip Line

The Illinois State Police will administer the School Violence Tip-Line which will provide a means for students to report threats of violence and weapons violations on school grounds.  The statewide toll-free number is 1-800-477-0024, will be physically answered at the ISP Communications Center in Springfield.

Calls will be answered by state police employees who will forward the information to the local sheriff's or police department and the appropriate ISP district.  The local law enforcement agency will be responsible for notifying the school at which the violent act is occurring.  If the school is not in their community they will insure that the proper law enforcement agency and school are notified immediately.

In the event the caller is in a crisis, the ISP telecommunicator will transfer the call to the designated mental health worker.  The School Violence Tip-Line should not be use for emergency situations.  In an emergency situation, call your local police/fire agency at 911. 

The School Violence Tip-Line will be publicized through the use of posters, brochures, and public service announcements. Emphasis will be to encourage students to "speak up" and tell a teacher or counselor if they have seen a weapon or believe a violent incident is to take place.

The Tip-Line is an option in those cases when the caller fears reprisal or if the Caller is considering committing acts of violence and is unwilling to sacrifice Anonymity.

Emergency Phone Numbers
Crisis Management Verbal Warning Codes
Disseminating Information/Communications Plan
Staff Member Duties During A Crisis
Fire & Natural Disaster Emergency Protocols
Hazardous Material Spills--Nuclear Threat
Fire--Explosion--Gas Leaks

Hazardous Material Leaks/Spills                             Nuclear Threat
—Notify Principal’s Office                                            —Activate CMT/Code Yellow
—Call 911/Activate CMT                                            —Notify the Superintendent’s Office
—Notify Superintendent’s Office                                  —Notify Staff in Writing
—Evaluate condition & type of hazardous                     —Move students to safest location
material/Leak if known                                              —Secure student/staff rosters
—Evacuate building/Normal fire procedure                   —Monitor emergency broadcast system
—Secure student/staff Rosters                          —Update superintendent’s office
—Have a CMT member available to meet                    —CMT meets to debrief at the end of day
emergency personnel on arrival
—In the event a person comes in contact                      Note:
with hazardous material provide first aid                    If source of leak or spill is off campus-                                                 
call poison control center 800-942-5969                  shut off all air conditioners, vents, and fans
—Notify families of affected persons                             Have students remain inside unless
—Update staff and superintendent’s office                    otherwise instructed. If source of chemical
—CMT meets to debrief at the end of day                    is on campus-evacuate outside upwind
unless otherwise instructed.
—Call 911                                                                               Explosion/Gas Leak
—Contact Principal and Superintendent’s                     —Call 911
offices                                                                      —Activate CMT
—Evacuate building/Normal Fire procedure      —Evacuate building/Normal Fire procedure
—Activate CMT                                                          —Provide first aid to victims
—Secure student/staff rosters                                       —Secure student/staff rosters
—Contact utilities as needed                                         —Update staff
Ameren IP-1-800-363-6850                                    —CMT meets to debrief at the end of the
—Have a CMT member available to meet                        day
emergency personnel on arrival
—Update the Superintendent’s Office
—CMT meets to debrief at the end of the day

Weapons On Campus
Suicide--Homicide--Death--Sexual Assault--Intruder
Natural Disaster--Accidents & Illness--Food Poisoning
Bomb Threat